Friday, July 10, 2015

This is a conversation between drunk Draco Malfoy and A crying girl. Tags: Romance, Dunkie, Cigarret, Harry potter, Drako Malfoy, The feels

drunk Draco Malfoy: hello love
A crying girl: *looks up* w..what im not your love
drunk Draco Malfoy: no? *frowns confused* nevermind *sits next to you*
A crying girl: are you drunk
drunk Draco Malfoy: *giggles and shakes his head*
A crying girl: *shakes head* noo your drunk
drunk Draco Malfoy: *shrugs and chckles again* mayme jus a litle hick little weee bit
A crying girl: *turns to look at you* your so drunk
drunk Draco Malfoy: *looks at you and remains quiet. then he bursts out giggling:-* mkay maybe i am
A crying girl: *stands up sticks hand out* come on lets get you home
drunk Draco Malfoy: mm..jus sit down. i ned a little *takes a cigarette out of his pocket*..
A crying girl: oh hell no no smoking *slaps the ciarette out of your hand*
drunk Draco Malfoy: hey!*frowns* just one...but..i wont do it when u sit down and stay wit me
A crying girl: ughhhhhh fine *sits down next to you*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *grins*so..whats wrong?
A crying girl: you know shit
drunk Draco Malfoy: yes I know shit, thats why I'm askin you wats wrong
A crying girl: well im the nerd of my school
drunk Draco Malfoy: so? u go to hogs?
A crying girl: yah
drunk Draco Malfoy: somtin like miss granger?? *wiggles his eyebrows*
A crying girl: well sorta *slaps your shoulder playfuly
drunk Draco Malfoy: *chckles*im better at potions than she is *smirks*
A crying girl: ohh so now were saying whoes better humm *smiles*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *giggles again and shakes his head* idunno wat im sayin, im smashed ..but why r u so upset about it?
A crying girl: some slitheren are hurting me
A crying girl: *looks down*
drunk Draco Malfoy: oh snap. its me?
A crying girl: no not you
drunk Draco Malfoy: oh..okay. i hurt everybody but u, thats good. so who then?
A crying girl: some of your freinds *lookes down*
drunk Draco Malfoy: friends *says bittery and rolls his eyes* who? Creabbe and Goyl?
A crying girl: yah
A crying girl: sorry forget i said any thing I'll leave you alone now *slowly gets up*
drunk Draco Malfoy: naah u shouldnt be afraid of them ther fuckin dumb..i shouldnt say that *mutters*
drunk Draco Malfoy: i dontt want u to leave
A crying girl: you want me to stay? Your not gunna remember anything in the morning.
drunk Draco Malfoy: thats the point *giggles*,iu can say whatever u want i wont remember that..and i would like to have my cig back *looks up at u*
A crying girl: Why would you want you cig back?
drunk Draco Malfoy: because...its mine and i feel like i need it right meow
A crying girl: *sits down next to you agien* If i kiss you would you cill on you cig *i mummble*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *blinks in surprise*s-sorry?
A crying girl: nothing
drunk Draco Malfoy: oh my. im really sorry but i..uh..well
A crying girl: *giggles at your confusedness*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *blushes and scratches the back of his head* i don really like....well but if its just a kiss..we could do that..just a kiss. nothing more, nothing less
A crying girl: you ok there drako?
drunk Draco Malfoy: yeah. completely
A crying girl: you seam un shure
drunk Draco Malfoy: what? i kissed plenty of..people
A crying girl: i bet you have *smiles*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *smirks* soo..just a kiss u say hm?
A crying girl: I said no such thing *smerks*
drunk Draco Malfoy: ..but im afraid i cant do more coz well..
A crying girl: whys that
drunk Draco Malfoy: because..*sighs and licks his lips* i might like someone not quite..
A crying girl: awww no whos the lucky girl
drunk Draco Malfoy: thats the problem
A crying girl: it a boy?
drunk Draco Malfoy: *looks at you and bites his bottom lip*
A crying girl: *thinks then ponts to me*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *sighs and runs his fingers through his hair* u were closer the second time
A crying girl: It's a boy! Awwww
drunk Draco Malfoy: sshh! *blushes*
A crying girl: Sorry but its cute
drunk Draco Malfoy: *frowns confused* Whats so cute about that?
A crying girl: It just is
drunk Draco Malfoy: *rolls his eyes amused* Okay. but dont tell anybody please.
A crying girl: got it
drunk Draco Malfoy: thanks *smiles* so what is it? *smirks* kiss or cig?
A crying girl: no cig good gosh
drunk Draco Malfoy: cig? so give it back *smirks again*
A crying girl: no you don't get it back
drunk Draco Malfoy: then I get a kiss?? *smiles and raises eyebrows*
A crying girl: mmmm lets see here *pretends to think*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *raises eyebrows even higher*
A crying girl: What do you say? *lean up aginst the brick wall*
drunk Draco Malfoy: what what do I say?
A crying girl: Well its your chose
drunk Draco Malfoy: Okay *he grabs your cheeks and locks his soft lips with yours, he opens his mouth and runs the tip of his tongue over your bottom lip*
A crying girl: *wraps arms around neck and opens mouth*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *slips his tongue under your upper lip and licks the roof of your mouth*
A crying girl: *shivers at the touch*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *slightly pushes your tongue with his and gently bites your bottom lip*
A crying girl: *fights to win*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *pushes harder and slips his tongue into your mouth, he licks the inside of it and pulls off. he smirks and raises his eyebrows*
A crying girl: *looks down and blushes hard*
drunk Draco Malfoy: *giggles and blushes too* see it doesnt mean i dont know how to kiss girls when im gay
A crying girl: thats ture to the pont
drunk Draco Malfoy: *grins and steps back*
A crying girl: *wrap arm around my torso for warmth*
drunk Draco Malfoy: thanks for the kiss. and for this *smirks and twists the cigarette in his fingers*
drunk Draco Malfoy: we really should go inside
A crying girl: yah we should and all take that back *grabs cig and twistes it in my fingers*
drunk Draco Malfoy: ..didnt know you smoked
A crying girl: I don't i just use it to think by chewing on the end
A crying girl: *smirks*
drunk Draco Malfoy: thats dumb *smirks too* you can chew on a pencil. i dont.
A crying girl: I hate chewing on pencil the pant chips off
drunk Draco Malfoy: *rolls his eyes* smartarse
A crying girl: you know it *nuges you*
drunk Draco Malfoy: i dont *laughs* you shouldnt put random things in your mouth
A crying girl: how is this a ramdom thing?
drunk Draco Malfoy: it is. and its dirty
A crying girl: form you? *smirks*
drunk Draco Malfoy: i dont mean sexualy dirty *rolls * i dont touch ur pencils
drunk Draco Malfoy: *eyes
A crying girl: shure you dont yet you ask for a picle every time we pas in the hall way
A crying girl: soo you were saying
drunk Draco Malfoy: i was saying what?
A crying girl: you dont tuch my pincels
drunk Draco Malfoy: *laughs* whos the drunk one me or you? ur spelling is terrible. .what was i saying? oh..well..see, you shouldnt put things in you mouth
A crying girl: haha saids you
drunk Draco Malfoy: huh?
A crying girl: my spelling sucks
drunk Draco Malfoy: yes *laughs* i feel like im stoned too
A crying girl: oh dear
drunk Draco Malfoy: *laughs* well...*he turns so his back is facing you. he takes out another cigarette from his pocket and lights up* i really need to go *say with the cigarette inbetwen his lips* i feel like spending my entire night on a toilet so i better go
A crying girl: *laughs* I gusse your gunna have fun with your hangouver in the moring
drunk Draco Malfoy: yes. *laughs too* probably skip some classes too *takes a deep inhale from the cig* say hi to harry from me
A crying girl: will do. but first come here.
drunk Draco Malfoy: but dont say i have a thing for him. i want to tell him myself...someday..maybe..*smirks* why?
A crying girl: *rolls eyes* I know just get over here
drunk Draco Malfoy: you dont wanna steal my stuff again, do you? *smirks again, throws the tip on the cig on the ground and steps on it. then he steps closer to you* what?
A crying girl: *grabs you and gives you a big hug* now rember you can be who you wan to be
drunk Draco Malfoy: *his eyes widen, he blinks in surprise but relaxes soon and hugs you back* thank you *mutters against your shoulder*
A crying girl: your welcome *says in to your chest*
drunk Draco Malfoy: now lets go back inside. its freezing *smiles and takes your hand*
A crying girl: yes it is.

The next morring Drako walked past the crying girl from yesterday and asked for a pencil. She hadded one to him with a cig tapped to it with a note. "you can have your cig back now," and she qurks a smile at him. Then she walks away as he slowly rembers the pices of that night. He walks down the hall as he slowly smiles at himself and thinks he might be falling in love slowly. He chuckes and rember that he was never really drunk.


  1. (o///o) I'm sorry, but after the kissing I just had to skip to the bottom. Cute story, but the chatspeak took a moment to switch to. XD Thanks for posting!

  2. XDDD I read the whole thing! SOOO CUUUUTE!!!! <3 <3 <3